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ePub version of Collapse vol. 3: Unknown Deleuze + Speculative Realism.

CONTRIBUTORS: Éric Alliez, Jean-Claude Bonne, Ray Brassier, Gilles Deleuze, Thomas Duzer, Iain Hamilton Grant, Russell Haswell, Florian Hecker, Graham Harman, Incognitum, Mehrdad Iravanian, Robin Mackay, Quentin Meillassoux, J.-H. Rosny The Elder, John Sellars, Arnaud Villani

A collection of explorations of the work of Gilles Deleuze by pioneering thinkers in the fields of philosophy, aesthetics, music and architecture. The volume also includes a previously untranslated early text by Deleuze, and a short interview, along with a fascinating piece of vintage science fiction from one of his more obscure influences.

The contributors to this volume aim to clarify, from a variety of perspectives, Deleuze’s contribution to philosophy: in what does his philosophical originality lie; what does he appropriate from other philosophers and how does he transform it? And how can the apparently disparate threads of his work to be ‘integrated’—What is the precise nature of the constellation of the aesthetic, the conceptual and the political proposed by Gilles Deleuze, and what are the overarching problems in which the numerous philosophical concepts ‘signed Deleuze’ converge?

As an annex to Collapse II, this volume also include a full transcript of the workshop on ‘Speculative Realism’ held in London in 2007.