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What kind of circumstances provoke an obsessive focus on the most minute object or activity? And what causes such mania to blossom into the lethal conviction that everything must be annihilated?

A fragmentary catalogue of the thousand-and-one varieties of manic disposition (augomania, dromomania, catoptromania, colossomania…), Omnicide plunges into the chaotic imaginations of the most significant poetic talents of the Middle East in order to instigate a new discourse on obsession, delirium, and extremism.

A captivating fractal of conceptual prisms, a rhythmic, poetic, insidious work that commands submission, and an oblique yet disturbing contribution to the contemporary question of extremism, Omnicide absorbs the reader into unfamiliar and estranging landscapes whose every most subtle feature threatens to become an irresistible invitation to the end of all things.

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