The more I love a square, the more Europe I’ll find nested in it. It’s an unconditional love, as much as it is a contingent love.
—Yves Mettler

Since 2003, artist Yves Mettler has engaged in an ongoing mapping and documentation of Europe Squares, Europaplatzes, Europa Places and Places de l’Europe, along with a series of projects triangulating between particular squares, interrogating their differing architectural, environmental, and public functions, and what they tell us about the ideality of ‘Europe’ and the (im)possibility of its concrete instantiation.

Pages from Atlas Europe Square

In anticipation of the publication of Atlas Europe Square, which documents and expands upon this long-term project, to help raise funds for production of the book Mettler has produced an exclusive numbered edition of thirty 100 x 70cm posters, printed in Berlin on Hahnemühle Photo Luster paper.

On the background of an installation shot taken in Dae Jeon, South Korea, The poster contains as exhaustive a list as possible of ‘All the Europe Squares in the World’.

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