Speculative Solution at INSTAL
28 Sep 2010

A new version of Florian Hecker\’s Urbanomic commissioned piece Speculative Solution (see details here) will be performed at INSTAL in Glasgow, Friday 12 – Sunday 14th November 2010.
The event will also feature a discussion between Hecker, Urbanomic director Robin Mackay, and Catherine Christer Hennix, who is also performing at INSTAL.
Full details here.
Braver Newer Musics
Friday 12, Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 November 2010
Tramway, Glasgow
Full programme online at www.arika.org.uk
Book on 0845 330 3501 or at www.tramway.org
Day Pass £10 – Festival Pass £25 – Early Bird £20 (book before Fri 15 Oct)
Music is about more than just music.
In fact, any radical music has always been provoked by something from outside: by non-musical ideas, ideas from and about our situation. And it only stays radical if it keeps saying something back to that situation, if it tries to change it1.
An experimental festival of experimental music, INSTAL 10 addresses itself to these and subsequent concerns.