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September 19, 2014 /  New Publications [4] And the rest...

Also forthcoming for 2014-15 are several more in the Redactions series, including the long-awaited Hydroplutonic Kernow, documentation of a 2010's Geotraumatic bus tour of Cornwall, and When Site Lost the Plot, a transdisciplinary investigation into the remains of the concept of site-specificity.

April 2015 sees publication of Suhail Malik's important new work on On The Necessity of Art's Exit From Contemporary Art.

And of course, before that, the long long awaited Collapse 8: Casino Real will finally be published (apologies for the delay but, as you can see, we haven't been shirking...).

Also we have copies of Reza Negarestani's Torture Concrete coming in next week...

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New Publications [3] To Live and Think Like Pigs

Last, but not least, of our new books, published with Sequence Press and scheduled for November publication, is Gilles Châtelet's magnificent polemic against neoliberalism, To Live and Think Like Pigs.

In this fiery tract, Châtelet combines the incandescent wrath of the betrayed comrade with the acute discrimination of the mathematician-physicist, scrutinizing the pseudoscientific alibis employed to naturalize 'market democracy', and the 'triple alliance' between politics, economics, and cybernetics.

Alain Badiou contributes a preface in which he examines how the 'fulminating abstraction' at work in this book provides a clue to the link between Châtelet's work as a philosopher of science and mathematics and his insistence upon connecting thought to the body and to the question 'What is it to Live?'

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New Publications [2] Speculative Aesthetics

Second of our new publications arriving next month is Speculative Aesthetics, the first of our new Redactions series (see Publications).

Redaction is the process of preparing source material for publication, implying both recall, distillation, and a settling of accounts (Redigere - to bring back, reduce down, call in)

Urbanomic's Redactions reprocess live dialogues, rewriting, reconstructing and reassembling archives of past events.

The original participants are invited to revisit, rethink and refine their contributions, which are occasionally supplemented by additional resources to further extend the discussion - a montage of collective research in progress.

This first publication in the series documents and extends the Speculative Aesthetics roundtable, discussing the ramifications of speculative thought for aesthetics, this discussion ranges from contemporary art's relation to the aesthetic, to accelerationism and abstraction, logic and design.

The introduction to the book is available to read on the book details page.

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New Publications [1] Object-Oriented Philosophy

Our first new publication is Peter Wolfendale's tour de force, Object-Oriented Philosophy: The Noumenon's New Clothes.

Both a remarkably clear explication of the tenets of OOP and an acute critique of the movement's ramifications for philosophy today, Object-Oriented Philosophy is a major engagement with one of the most prevalent trends in recent philosophy. Moving beyond the hype, Peter Wolfendale considers its emergence in the light of the intertwined legacies of twentieth-century analytic and Continental traditions.

Ray Brassier contributes a postscript that faces the legacy of Speculative Realism and OOO head-on, conducting a 'Speculative Autopsy' on a movement that was, as Wolfendale states, 'dead on arrival'.

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New Catalogue for 2014-15

We are very excited to announce a number of new Urbanomic publications for 2014-15. Please click on the link above for our new catalogue, which features some great photos from Urbanomic readers of our books in various exotic locations from Bogota to Tokyo, Iceland to Aruba!

More details on each of the new titles to follow... if you can't wait, check out the Publications page.

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September 18, 2014 /  New Centre Announces Seminar on #Accelerate

The New Centre for Research & Practice has announced that one of its first web-based seminars will focus on Urbanomic's #Accelerate collection. For more details and to enrol, go to the New Centre website.

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September 12, 2014 /  On the Subject of Accelerationism

Simon O Sullivan gives an in-depth and considered review of #Accelerate in metamute: link

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September 9, 2014 /  Protocols of Abstraction

Sequence Press have just published Reza Negarestani's essay on the work of Jean-Luc Moulène (whose work also features in Collapse VIII). Torture Concrete accompanies the show of Moulène's work at Miguel Abreu Gallery.

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Bookstore Suggestions

We are about to send out our trade catalogue with new titles for 2014-15. Once again we invite you to recommend bookstores worldwide where you would like to see Urbanomic titles in stock. Please email with your suggestions. Thanks!

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September 4, 2014 /  Ebooks and Jihad

In response to many requests, we have been preparing all the previous volumes of Collapse into ebook format; they will be published progressively, beginning with Collapse 1: Numerical Materialism later this month.
In rereading Collapse 1 (2006) it occurred to us that the first piece Urbanomic published by Reza Negarestani, The Militarization of Peace: Absence of Terror or Terror of Absence? deserves to be widely reread today, so we have made this article available as a preview epub: Download here.

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August 26, 2014 /  Merve

Great news from Merve, Akzeleration#2, German companion volume to #Accelerate, is now out, along with a translation of Laruelle's Concept of Non-Photography together with 'Photo-Fiction'.


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+ New Publications [4] And the rest...
+ New Publications [3] To Live and Think Like Pigs
+ New Publications [2] Speculative Aesthetics
+ New Publications [1] Object-Oriented Philosophy
+ New Catalogue for 2014-15
+ New Centre Announces Seminar on #Accelerate
+ On the Subject of Accelerationism
+ Protocols of Abstraction
+ Bookstore Suggestions
+ Ebooks and Jihad

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