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October 1, 2015 /  Site-Plot-Yarn

Robin Mackay is speaking at Goldsmiths tonight on plots, plotting, and The Ultimate Yarnwork

Posted by urbanomic at 10:50 AM

September 19, 2015 /  Felix Guattari, Accelerationist

The criticism that consumption society deserves is that there are not enough things: we need more gadgets, and things and stuff, that we can box into other things, all this crap, a whole sexuality of gadgets. The Puritans still have too much control over consumer society!

So that we can put an end to archaic territoriality and the lingering smell of Christian alliances and vicious filiations.... We have to pass to signs. 'Schizo power'!


I don't know!

Because there is no choice! It's already starting anyway! It's irreversible. And anyway, who cares....

There must be some other reason.

The supreme foundation of ethics.

The reinforced artificiality of desire, correlative to the deterritorialization of the sign is, it seems to me, the path to less bullshit, and to unblocking political and neurotic impasses of all kinds. As well as being, surely, a new way to please the good Lord! The accomplishment of nothing!

- Félix Guattari, The Anti-Oedipus Papers, 79-80


Posted by urbanomic at 5:10 PM

September 16, 2015 /  Zalamea, Grothendieck, Transgression

Fernando Zalamea will be leading a month-long seminar in New York in October, on Grothendieck, transmodernity, mathematics and culture.

More details here.

For an introduction to the seminar topics, see Synthetic Philosophy of Contemporary Mathematics, especially chapter 4 on Grothendieck.

Posted by urbanomic at 11:35 AM

Sequence at NY Art Book Fair

Sequence Press will be at NY Art Book Fair at PS1 from Sept 18-20, with titles from Sequence, Urbanomic, and other friends, and a selection of artists editions including the Diann Bauer #accelerate prints.

More info on the book fair here.

Posted by urbanomic at 11:14 AM

September 11, 2015 /  Classic Contingency

The latest addition to our Redactions series is a reissue of sold-out title The Medium of Contingency, a groundbreaking discussion on contingency in finance, contemporary art, and philosophy featuring Elie Ayache, Reza Negarestani, Matthew Poole, and Robin Mackay.
Not only does it include Ayache on derivatives, markets, and anastrophic plagiarism, and Poole on capitalism, curation, and power, but also Negarestani explaining why the artist is a tuning fork with reason on one prong, and a razor blade on the other.
Available now at our web store

Posted by urbanomic at 7:50 AM

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