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April 24, 2014 /  Bugs in the System

Owing to technical hitches in printing, publication date for #Accelerate now May 8 - our apologies. Please feel free to comment wryly on irony of situation.

Posted by urbanomic at 9:19 AM

April 17, 2014 /  Manifesto at 500 Words Per Minute

Spritz it now #spritzinc #accelerate

Posted by urbanomic at 12:03 PM

April 15, 2014 /  Fast Food

Acceleration with Williams + Srnicek in Old Vienna #accelerate

Posted by urbanomic at 11:37 AM

Machines and Reason

Noir Realism on Reason re Bakker/Negarestani

Posted by urbanomic at 10:05 AM

April 6, 2014 /  CFP #AccFem

Call for paper on accelerofeminisms at InterAlia.

Posted by urbanomic at 11:23 PM

March 26, 2014 /  #accelerate (or not)

Ordinaryism and accelerationism

Posted by urbanomic at 1:16 PM

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+ Fast Food
+ Machines and Reason
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+ #accelerate (or not)
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+ #accelerate now
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