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Object-Oriented Philosophy

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Gilles Châtelet
To Live and Think Like Pigs

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October 21, 2014 /  Ce qui te manipule passera-t-il au niveau 2?

Après le récent entretien avec Alex Williams et Nick Srnicek dans Libération, les accélérationistes français (fraccélérationistes?) peuvent se réjouir ... nous avons ici un certain nombre d'exemplaires de cette élégant brochure à tirage limitée Fission, produite par Forde et Wallriss avec la collaboration d'Urbanomic. Elle contient le texte essentiel de Nick Land, Fission (Meltdown) ainsi qu'un essai de Robin Mackay, 'Une expérience dans l'inhumanisme' sur l'histoire de Land et son travail à Warwick dans les années 90.

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OOP is here

Peter Wolfendale's much-anticipated Object-Oriented Philosophy: The Noumenon's New Clothes has arrived - pre-orders shipping today.

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October 15, 2014 /  Speculative Aesthetics

Speculative Aesthetics has arrived - all pre-orders will be shipped today.

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October 2, 2014 /  Check out Collapse 1-7

Did you know, the editorial introductions for Collapse volumes 1-7 are available on our website? (Some links were broken, now fixed!)

Collapse I - Numerical Materialism

Collapse II - Speculative Realism

Collapse III - Unknown Deleuze + Speculative Realism Workshop

Collapse IV - Concept Horror

Collapse V - The Copernican Imperative

Collapse VI - Geo/Philosophy

Collapse VII - Culinary Materialism

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Ich bin ein Frankfurter

Urbanomic is represented at Frankfurt Book Fair (Oct 8-12) courtesy of our distributor Central Books. Drop by and say hi if you' re visiting the fair: they are at stand number 8.0 C10 in Hall 8.

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Launch Sequence November

Three new publications on their way, three launch events for November:

On Nov 7th we launch Peter Wolfendale's Object-Oriented Philosophy at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts, Gateshead. More details here.

On Nov 12th we move on to Tate Britain for the launch of Speculative Aesthetics. More details here.

And on Nov 20th, at Spike Island, Bristol, we launch Châtelet's To Live and Think Like Pigs where Robin Mackay will discuss how Châtelet's polemic stands in relation to the perspective of Accelerationisms past and present.More details here.

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Sauce Code Red

(Serving suggestion)

A warning for those of you who have become addicted to our #Accelerate Meltdown chilli sauce: supplies are running low, and once it's gone, it's gone... order at our online store.

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October 1, 2014 /  Speculative Aesthetics Launch

We will be launching Speculative Aesthetics at Tate Britain on Wednesday, November 12, 6.30-9, with a discussion and music to follow. The launch event forms part of a Speculative Tate programme devised by James Trafford and Luke Pendrell, co-editors of the Speculative Aesthetics volume and organisers of the original roundtable discussion.

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September 28, 2014 /  Collapse 1 ebook available

Collapse volume 1 is now available as an ebook on iTunes... other outlets and other volumes to follow.

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+ Ce qui te manipule passera-t-il au niveau 2?
+ OOP is here
+ Speculative Aesthetics
+ Check out Collapse 1-7
+ Ich bin ein Frankfurter
+ Launch Sequence November
+ Sauce Code Red
+ Speculative Aesthetics Launch
+ Collapse 1 ebook available
+ Negarestani Torture Concrete now available

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