Urbanomic's acclaimed independent journal of philosophical research and development.

Volume VIII: Casino Real

Volume VII: Culinary Materialism

Volume VI: Geo/Philosophy

Volume V: The Copernican Imperative

Volume IV: Concept Horror

Volume III: Unknown Deleuze [+Speculative Realism]

Volume II: Speculative Realism

Volume I: Numerical Materialism

A new series of works by emerging contemporary thinkers.

Peter Wolfendale - Object-Oriented Philosophy

Suhail Malik - On the Necessity of Art's Exit from Contemporary Art


Urbanomic's REDACTIONS reprocess live dialogues, rewriting, reconstructing and reassembling archives of past events - a montage of collective research in progress.

Simulation, Exercise, Operations

Speculative Aesthetics

When Site Lost the Plot

Hydroplutonic Kernow

Secrets of Creation

Groundbreaking series of publications produced with Sequence Press in New York.

Gilles Châtelet - To Live and Think Like Pigs

Quentin Meillassoux - The Number and the Siren

Fernando Zalamea - Synthetic Philosophy of Contemporary Mathematics

François Laruelle - From Decision to Heresy

François Laruelle - The Concept of Non-Photography

Nick Land - Fanged Noumena

Art Editions

Amanda Beech - Final Machine

Hydroplutonic Kernow Fault-Map

Amanda Beech - Sanity Assassin

The Medium of Contingency
(with Ridinghouse)

Other Publications

#Accelerate: The Accelerationist Reader (With merve)

Nick Land - Fission (With Forde and Walriss)

Reza Negarestani - Torture Concrete

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